Consumer Privacy in Lead Generation

Assumed will be perfectly usable as a stand alone app geared towards protecting consumer privacy. You may buy a number that can be used for a single purpose like a Craigslist sale or blind date. Nothing super new there as other apps already can do this. We have other plans beyond this base feature. Our belief is that the online advertising world can and will use the Assumed platform to benefit all parties involved. It is a lofty goal but at the same time, the industry needs to push harder and harder towards helping the consumer. Rarely can a new service in advertising help everyone involved but we think Assumed can do this very thing. Most of the time it is about more money, more data, and less protection for consumers. So how can we help?

As an example let us say that you fill out a quote request form to have some new windows put in your house. The second you hit that submit button there will be three groups privy to your information; each with different goals. You, the consumer, are most likely filling out a form controlled by an advertising company. That advertising company works to find contractors all over the United States that can help with projects such as yours. The contractors pay the advertising company to send them your information. The third party is obviously the contractors. Depending on the advertising company, your information may have gone to one contractor or to several. Hopefully, that was made clear before you hit the submit button.

Assumed helps the consumer in this example by using a swapped phone number instead of their real number. When working with an advertising company that has integrated Assumed, the consumer will be able to see which contractor is calling as the phone rings. If there is a contractor the consumer does not wish to speak with again, the consumer may “mute” that contractor and all calls and SMS messages will be blocked. Once the consumer has picked a contractor they may also delete the project (and hence Assumed number) and no more calls or SMS messages will pass through.

Assumed helps the advertising company by providing contractor specific statistics as well as aggregate consumer information. Part of the challenge of being an advertiser, or lead company, is finding quality service providers. Assumed gives the consumers the ability to rate the contractors along with the muting ability. Assumed also tracks the frequency and timing of the communications coming from the contractors. In this way, we feel the advertising companies will be able to weed out the overly aggressive and low rated contractors.

Finally, Assumed helps the contractors by giving them a phone number for the consumer that will ring. Many consumers are so sick of harassing calls (that never end) that they end up using bogus phone numbers when filling out forms. Assumed removes the need for the consumer to do this. The Assumed app will also show the business information and social media links of the contractors. This will allow the consumer to do some research and pick the best contractor for them.