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By handing out your real phone number, you have no control over who is going to call (or text) you, how often they are going to call, and who else they may give or sell your number. Many people using fake phone numbers just to get through filling out a form. They may need to talk with somebody but the risks of getting endless unwanted calls outweigh the benefits.

Assumed.com gives you the best of both. You can create a unique Assumed number for each situation such as filling out service provider forms or when a car salesman asks for your number. After you no longer need the number, simply delete it.

App Based Calling

Incoming calls and text message go right into the Assumed app. We are not just forwarding calls to your regular phone number.


Order Assumed numbers only when you need them. No long term contracts or commitments.

Manage Callers

If you fill out an Assumed Protected form, you can review all of your service providers, leave reviews, research via social media and much more. You can also block individual service providers from contacting you without deleting the entire Assumed number.

Privacy Protection

No more pain from data brokers selling your phone number to a million call centers. Once you have deleted an Assumed number, you will receive no more calls.

Easy to Use

View activity from all of your Assumed numbers in one place.

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